FocusToFlow™ helps you to get more done in a day
It keeps you away from Distractions …
Just as if you have your own personal Accountability Buddy

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Hey! My name is Stijn Bernaer and I’m the founder of FocusToFlow™. I wanna share with you the story behind why I created this powerful Chrome extension …

Like you, I use The Internet A LOT  especially for my  business: creating, researching, communication, connecting, … BUT more often than not I used to catch  myself doing tasks that don’t contribute to my goals: business as well as personal. In other words I was WASTING my valuable time on things that didn’t matter at all.

Sounds familiar to you?

One day I wanted to check out the birthday of a good friend on Facebook. You know that shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds, right? Well, before I knew 30 min passed by.
The other day, I needed a good looking image for a blogpost, I spent like 45 min on stock websites to find the right picture.
Needless to say I was losing time and losing money, moreover I felt frustrated not being able finish easy tasks on time.

I HAD to find a solution rather quickly and checked out some existing products. I also asked a couple of my friends  …. I did find solutions that were too complicated to use and also way overpriced.

So I came up with my own solution.

NOW, I use FocusToFlow™: before I go to a time-consuming website (like Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, …) I get a friendly notification asking me what I want to do and how much time I want to spend on that activity. 

As soon has the time has elapsed, I get a simple reminder asking me about the progress and how I want to proceed: Do I want to extend the task or do I want to start a new task from my todo list?

As SIMPLE as this sounds, it’s extremely POWERFUL.
Moreover science confirms that putting out an intention and making a task time boxed, makes you more productive and conscious about your time

It really feels as if you have your own personal accountability buddy that takes care of you.

So now, I have more time to spent with my family and friends and more time to work on other fun projects.
Last but not least I feel more relaxed as I have more control on my valuable time.




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More Results

More focused works will give you better RESULTS.

More Money

Less distractions will generate you more MONEY.

More Relaxed & Fun

More grip on your time, will make you more relaxed & bring more fun in your life

weekly hours saved by our users*

average daily anti-distraction popups*

weekly total revenue boost*

* estimation based on the feedback of a test group of 16 early adopters

Hear it from a RAVING FAN!

3 Simple Steps on how to get your time back

STEP 1: Install The FocusToFlow™ Chrome Extension

Installing a Chrome Extension is just as easy as clicking a button.

STEP 2: Personalize your FocusToFlow™

First, you can enter your time-consuming websites or you can let FocusToFlow™ detect where you lose time.

STEP 3: Enjoy another Productive Day

FocusToFlow™ will notify you as soon as you get sidetracked.

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