User Manual

Basic Usage

At it’s core Focus To Flow works by adding websites (that are known to be time consuming).

There might be situation where you want to temporarily disable Focus To Flow. E.g. because you are doing a live broadcast, you are giving a demo, …


Using the menu at the bottom, you can easily navigate to other sections.


For each website you added, you can enter credits.
A credit (expressed in minutes ) allows you to spend time on that website before you’re being asked about your task/time.
In other words it acts like a delay to avoid breaking the flow of “quickly” needing to check something.

Blocked Websites
You won’t be able to visit websites entered here.

Whitelisted Websites (soon available)

If you enter a domain, let’s e.g.
This will block but also e.g.
If you DO want still to visit you can enter this one under Whitelisted Websites.

Count-Down Timer

If you prefer to have a Count-Down Timer instead of a Count-Up timer, you can do so.
Some people feel like more “pressure” when using the Count-Down timer.

Extra Awareness
Do you need an extra message if time is almost up, you can use this option.

Default: First & Reminder Notifications
You can adjust the default “First Notification” & “Reminder Notifications” yourself.
Configure those time intervals to your needs.
This will save you time by avoiding you having to use the up/down arrows.


Here you can find a lits of past tasks you completed.


Her you can find all your account related data.

Including the features you get in the version you are using. 


If you are in need for extra, you can alwas your BASIC version to a PREMIUM one using this link.

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